2 Reasons South Africa needs UCT Online High School

UCT Online High School is something that’s never been done in Africa before. The University of Cape Town is launching an online high school from start to finish. It’ll make it the first university on the continent to extend its expertise into secondary schooling, what an incredible achievement.

Not many learners get access to good teaching yet basic education is very important. So what we are doing with UCT Online High School is a key driver of change, and the best chance we have to give our learners an ability to help us rebuild South Africa.

It is time to act

Universities are very good with criticising, and mainly the university professors come online to give analysis. When the matric results come out, we only see what’s wrong with the system. When students fail at university we say what’s wrong and why it is them (their fault). There isn’t much taking up of ownership and we as a university are seeing this problem, it’s our problem too. 

Closing the educational gap

When we accept the students to higher education, it doesn’t matter how many distinctions they have, you can see the gaps particularly depending on which school they come from. Truly speaking, personalised learning in basic education is just a claim, but it’s never too late. In many schools except for very few learners who attend elite schools in wealthy suburbs, many children come to university under-prepared. 

So we are saying it is time that we take leadership, we are a leading university in the continent and we’ve got to lead in this space. We want to ensure that as many learners as possible can have access to quality teaching.

How to register?

You just have to go to to apply, we already have more than 200 paid-up students who did that and the numbers are growing. 

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