About us

We are a professional organization that aims at giving an online presence to your desired school. At the moment, we have come to realize that many schools operate without an official website. This is despite the good IT standing of our country as one nation. Our database has all the schools in the country. You can also feel free to approach us for a variety of services related to boosting the school.

Study guides download

There is always a moment when a student does not know where to start from as they prepare for examinations. We recognize that the period leading to and before the examinations is critical. We try to remove the pressure on the student by providing downloadable guides. These are available to make sure that the pressure on the student is off their back as they prepare. In the end, you have assured success in examinations way before the exams approach. In the end as a parent, you will not have to start worrying about your child’s success in the examinations.

Past exam papers

We have a comprehensive database of past exam papers. These are accessible and available to our clients. Such examination papers are well arranged in a manner that makes them easy to locate and check. In other words, you can locate a particular paper from the database. As you continue accessing them, you will also have a chance of making it easy to prepare for examinations. Such a database is good for a learning institution as well as for parents and guardians. They can make the material available to the students.

School news

This is an aspect many schools have abandoned for a long time. But it is an important aspect in the area of preserving public confidence in the long run. We are there to capture your school news items and organize them in a format that the public can access. If there are issues of low followership, we can fix that for a school and make sure it gets the needed following. After that, we can still arrange their news items in a way that appeals to the public.

School press releases

We understand that from time to time, a school may decide to issue a press release. This carries great importance for a particular school. The hesitation to make a press release comes as a result of the school dragging its feet to go for it. This is where we also come in. We are there to make it possible for a particular school to bring out its press release and update the public.


First, we make sure that the parents receive information that belongs to them. They need to know about the schools available for their children. We do this by making sure that the schools have official websites listed on our websites. There is no doubt that many schools are still considering this option. We come into the picture to make sure that a school has its own page with updated information within our Student Portal. We also go ahead and provide other added activities that make a schools the best in town.

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