Bronkhorstspruit Primary School

A Public School Worth Enrolling In: The Success Story of Bronkhorstspruit Primary School

With its impressive track record and consistent academic success, Bronkhorstspruit Primary School has earned a reputation comparable to that of top-notch independent primary schools.

About Bronkhorstspruit Primary School

To ensure that Bronkhorstspruit Primary School is indeed the one you’re seeking, let’s swiftly explore some key information about this esteemed educational institution.

Data Details
Principal P Grobbelaar
Teachers 47
Learners 1398
Uniform Yes (unless announced)
Hair Policy Hair must be Neat & Managed all times
Type Public Primary
EMIS 700210021
Quantile Q5
No fees school? No
Area Riamar Park
Data: The Department of Basic Education (South Africa)

Contact Details

Bronkhorstspruit Primary School is located within Riamar Park and, we recommend contacting them between 9:00 AM and 13:00 PM, once the students have settled into their classes. During this time, the admin team or principal will be available to assist with inquiries, school tours, engage with prospective parents, and provide registration forms, all while minimising class disruption.


The Student Portal strives to provide parents with comprehensive information, enabling them to easily locate the exact geographical positions of their desired schools, below are Bronkhorstspruit Primary School contact details:
  • Bronkhorstspruit Primary School Address: No. 365, Cnr Verbena & Madeliefie Str, Riamar Park, Bronkhorstspruit
  • Phone: 0139320160
  • Website: coming soon
  • email: ***@*** (hidden for abuse purpose)
  • Local Municipality: City Of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality

Many parents in Gauteng are choosing to live closer to their children’s school, and it brings several benefits. First, it helps reduce transportation costs since the school is conveniently nearby. Second, it enhances security and peace of mind, as parents can easily monitor their child’s commute. Lastly, living closer to Bronkhorstspruit Primary School increases the chances of your child getting admitted, as proximity can be a factor in the admission process. Click for properties to rent in Riamar Park or near Bronkhorstspruit Primary School.

Bronkhorstspruit Primary School Fees

To help you understand the fees at Bronkhorstspruit Primary School, let’s start with something called Quantile levels. It’s like a special way the government decides how much money (in South African Rands -ZAR) to give to public schools towards providing free education.

As per the South African Schools Act (SASA), all School Governing Bodies (SGBs) in public schools have to add extra money to the government funding by asking parents to pay school fees and doing other fundraising activities. However, there are some schools called ‘no fee schools’ that don’t charge any fees. Whether a school is considered a “no fee school” depends on how well-off the community around the school is economically.

  1. Which Quantile is Bronkhorstspruit Primary School: Q5
  2. Is Bronkhorstspruit Primary School a NO-FEE school: No
  3. Is Bronkhorstspruit Primary School a public or independent: Public

So, for each student, the government will pay:
  • Quantile 1: R1,177
  • Quantile 2: R1,177
  • Quantile 3: R1,177
  • Quantile 4: R590
  • Quantile 5: R204

Sometimes, the money the government gives to schools based on their quantile levels isn’t enough, especially for schools with higher quantiles. These schools are often independent schools. So, to cover their costs, schools need to find other ways to get money. They rely on things like donations from people who want to help and fees that students’ families pay. This money helps the schools pay for things like buildings, supplies, and other expenses to keep the school running smoothly. Read more about school fees exemption.

Fees Discount

Plenty of Independent schools often aim to lessen the financial burden on parents. One way they do this is by offering discounts to those who choose to pay the entire year’s fees upfront. These discounts can range from 3% to 10%, which can be quite helpful. Moreover, parents who have multiple children attending the school can request sibling discounts of up to 10%, further easing the costs for families with more than one dependent.

Application  Form/Process

Fortunately Bronkhorstspruit Primary School application forms are very welcoming and can be reached out to directly from the school, where they will provide you with an application form and guide you through what else is needed to support an enrolment.


Bronkhorstspruit Primary School Stationery list

If you can’t find the school supply lists here, don’t worry! It’s probably because your grade’s teacher has the list or it is included to the fees. To make things easier, you can order your stationery online. Just visit and upload the stationery list for Bronkhorstspruit Primary School including the grade for your child. They will deliver the supplies right to your doorstep or to the school, giving you peace of mind and added convenience.

Hair policy

In general, the school’s hair policy asks that it be kept neat and well-maintained, with short, neutral styles for males. For females, descent afros are permitted, with extensions also allowed for females, if they are natural in colour and tied up, pleated, or bound neatly. Hair coverings or wigs are allowed only for medical or religious reasons.

Staff & Teachers List

The progress of each student is monitored and facilitated by an expert academic empowerment team and well-educated teachers. The staff are committed to provide an inclusive and high-quality learning experience and openly welcome all interest and applications. The school’s staff is led by head teacher/principal: P Grobbelaar. A full list of teaching and admin staff coming soon.

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