Coinvest NSFAS: A Guide to Signing Up, Checking Your Balance, Withdrawing Funds, and More

Coinvest NSFAS is a digital banking platform that allows students who receive loans and bursaries from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to manage their funds online. With Coinvest NSFAS, students can view their balances, make payments, and withdraw cash securely and conveniently.

Coinvest NSFAS Sign Up

To sign up for Coinvest NSFAS, you will need your ID number and your NSFAS application reference number. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Coinvest NSFAS website or download the app.
  2. Click on “Register” and then select “Student”.
  3. Enter your ID number and NSFAS application reference number.
  4. Create a username and password.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and complete the signup process.

Once registered, you can access your Coinvest NSFAS account online or through the mobile app.

How to Check Balance on Coinvest NSFAS

To check your balance on Coinvest NSFAS:

  1. Log in to your Coinvest NSFAS account.
  2. The dashboard will display your available balance.
  3. You can also view transaction histories and statements to see funds received, payments made, withdrawals, etc.
  4. The mobile app also allows you to check your balance instantly.

How to Withdraw Money from Coinvest NSFAS

To withdraw money from your Coinvest NSFAS account:

Log in and go to “Move Money”.

Choose “Withdraw”.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

Select your bank account to withdraw to.

Review and confirm the details.

The money will reflect in your bank account within 2-3 working days.

You can withdraw money at any ATM using your virtual or physical Coinvest card. Daily withdrawal limits apply.

Coinvest NSFAS Contact Details

If you need assistance with your Coinvest NSFAS account, you can contact customer support:

  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: 087 320 0010
  • Telephone: 010 500 1040

Support is available 24/7. You can also visit the FAQ section on the Coinvest website for quick answers.

Coinvest NSFAS App Download

The Coinvest app allows you to easily manage your NSFAS funds on your phone:

  • iOS: Download from the App Store
  • Android: Download from the Google Play Store

The app is free to download. Register with your NSFAS details to access your account.

Coinvest NSFAS Account

With your Coinvest account, you get:

  • A transaction account to receive your NSFAS payments
  • A free Coinvest debit card to transact online and in-store
  • Instant balance checks and spending notifications
  • Ability to send money to other Coinvest accounts
  • Discounted prepaid services like electricity and airtime
  • Secure withdrawals at ATMs and point-of-sale devices

Coinvest NSFAS Virtual Card

The virtual card allows you to make online payments before receiving your physical card:

  1. Log in and go to “Move Money”
  2. Click on “Virtual Card”
  3. View your 16-digit virtual card number and CVV
  4. Use these details to make payments online
  5. Top up your virtual card from your Coinvest wallet
  6. A disabled virtual card activates automatically when the physical card is used successfully the first time.

Coinvest Complaints

If you have any complaints about the Coinvest NSFAS service, you can:

  • Try resolve it directly with customer support
  • Lodge a complaint on the Coinvest website
  • Escalate unresolved complaints to the NSFAS Student Ombudsman
  • Report fraudulent transactions to NSFAS immediately

Coinvest aims to resolve all complaints quickly and efficiently. Customers should provide all details of the issue for fastest resolution.

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