Deputy President’s VIP Protection Team Under Scrutiny After Assault on VW Car Occupants

In a shocking incident caught on video and widely circulated on social media, Deputy President Mr. Paul Mashatile’s VIP protection team is facing heavy criticism after their personnel were seen assaulting both the driver and passengers of a blue VW car. The incident allegedly occurred after the VW car was obstructing the Deputy President’s motorcade for about 30 kilometers, from William Nicole all the way to the N1 road.

As per the rules and guidelines for drivers in South Africa, emergency vehicles with blue lights, including VIP motorcades, have the right of way in traffic. However, the exact circumstances leading to the incident are still under investigation, and the response of the VIP protection team has raised serious questions about the use of force.

According to sources familiar with the presidential VIP security training, there are protocols in place for handling situations where a car attempts to deny the VIP convoy motorcade. Such actions are viewed as potential threats to the safety of state officials, and the security personnel are trained to take appropriate measures to neutralize the perceived threat.

These measures could range from firing warning shots, disabling the offending vehicle, in extreme cases, using lethal force. However, the decision to resort to such actions must be based on a thorough assessment of the situation and an evaluation of potential risks to the VIP’s safety.

The video, however, shows the VIP protection team opting to assault the occupants of the VW car rather than employing the standard protocols as per their training. This deviation from the established procedures has led to public outrage and calls for a transparent investigation into the incident.

Critics have expressed concerns about the excessive use of force and the apparent lack of accountability within the VIP protection unit. Calls are now being made for reforms in the training and oversight of the team to ensure such incidents are not repeated in the future.

The incident has put a spotlight on the broader issue of VIP protection and the balance between ensuring the safety of state officials and respecting the rights of citizens. The South African government now faces the challenge of addressing these concerns and implementing reforms to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

As the investigation progresses, it remains to be seen what disciplinary actions, if any, will be taken against the members of the VIP protection team involved in the incident. Additionally, the incident has reignited the conversation around VIP protection protocols, calling for more extensive training and measures to uphold human rights standards in the execution of their duties.

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