Durban Police & Fidelity/ADT drag and point school kids with firearms outside Effingham Secondary School (KZN)

Effingham Secondary School near Durban remains closed for the day, following an incident where a security officer was seen pointing a firearm at pupils.

The students of Effingham took to a rather “peaceful” protest after there was a racism related issue they had with the principal. Today was the second day and classes were not attended, the students never hit anyone but after school, security that was called by the school started shooting rubber bullets at the students and a girl from grade 11 got hit, there were also teargas thrown near the school.

The girl in the video was assaulted by the security officer carrying the gun and he refused to let her go. They continued dragging her down the street even after her mother arrived.

Effingham Secondary School witness

Never have i thought that one day I’d be dragged & assaulted by an official police member as my other girl on the video had it worse. She was pointed with guns. We were nearly arrested for something we did not do & know nothing of. History did repeat itself and took us back to those “sarafina” days. I can’t even take a nap because once i close my eyes, i hear police sirens and see the face of that angry police coming for me. They threw tear gases on us. we demand justice and I say “black child, fight for whats yours.”

Fellow student

The school has not yet issued a statement.

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