GDE Admission 2023 Easy guide to successful placement

apply successfully for GDE Admission 2023

Mr Panyaza Lesufi, Gauteng Education MEC, stated that online school applications or GDE Admission 2023 for Grade 1 and Grade 8 will begin on the 22nd of July 2022.

What are GDE Admission in the first place?

Gauteng Education Department (GED) created a system through which a parent or a guardian can apply for their child’s placement in any school in the province of Gauteng only.

What are the changes for GDE Admissions 2023 register?

GDE made changes for this year’s application process. Previously, school admissions were a two-phased approach: meaning that parents residing near the school were given first and higher preference than those applying online.

After an analysis of various online parent surveys and stakeholder consultations, the system has now been enhanced to follow a single application process, allowing all applicants to apply at the same time during the application period. 

When will GDE Admission 2023 login start?

The application period will start on 22 July 2022 at 08:00 AM for Grade 1 and Grade 8 applications, and it will close on 19 August 2022 at midnight. 

How to apply successfully for GDE Admission 2023

GDE Admissions 2023 GDE Admissions 2023
GDE Admission 2023 register

To apply, visit Parents and guardians will receive SMS notifications of placement offer to either accept or decline from 3 — 31 October 2022.

Then submit certified copies of the following documents within 7 days of applying.

  1. Parent and Child ID or Passport
  2. South African Birth Certificate
  3. Proof of Home Address
  4. Proof of Work Address
  5. For Grade 8 applicants, please get the latest school report. Parents applying for Grade 1 learners, please make a copy of a Clinic Card/Immunisation Report
  6. Study Permit (non-citizen)
  7. Asylum Seeker Permit (non-citizen)
  8. Refugee Permit (non-citizen)
  9. Permanent Residence Permit (non-citizen)

What if my documents are not ready by the time I apply?

Parents and guardians will be given up until 26 August 2022 (7 days after the application period ends) to upload or submit their certified documents.

Documents that are uploaded or submitted after the application period closing date will revert your application to “incomplete” status. Meaning that your child will only receive placements at available schools from 1-15 December 2022, the “LEFT-OVERS” kind of.

If my child is in Grade R do I still have to apply for Grade 1 at the same school?

Grade R learners will not automatically be accepted to Grade 1 without an online application or GDE admission. 

At what age is my child qualified for Grade 1’s GDE admission?

All learners that are currently 5 years old and turning 6 years old by 30 June and are currently enrolled in Grade R in a school, ECD centres or not in any type of school.

How many schools can I apply to, in case my first preference has no space?

When parents visit registration online 2023 login, they must apply at a minimum of three schools, and a maximum of five schools, just to be on the safe side.

How to be prioritised for my GDE application success

Applicants whose documents were uploaded or delivered within the regulated period will be prioritised, AND:

  1. If your home address is within the feeder zone of the school you are applying for.
  2. If your child has a sibling at your school of choice.
  3. If your work address is within a 30km radius of your school of choice.

When will I know if my GDE application is successful?

Electronic messages will be sent via SMS reminding parents and guardians to complete their application, and the same notifications will be created on the parent’s profile on the system. 

SMS notifications informing applicants whether their application was successful or unsuccessful will be sent from 3 — 31 October 2022. Therefore, it is highly important that applicants provide ONE reliable and working cellphone number when applying.

All applicants will be granted an opportunity to apply to a school of their choice. Parents and guardians who will be experiencing challenges during the application period are encouraged to visit our District Offices and Decentralised Walk-In Centres or call the GDE’s Contact Centre at 0800 000 789.

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