How do I get my 2022 matric results?

How do I get my 2022 matric results? This will be the easiest for this year since Department of Basic Education gives you matric results for FREE. The SMS way comes at a cost, mostly R1.50 per SMS, and there are a lot of fake Matric SMS results making rounds on the internet just to take your money.

How do I get my 2022 matric results? For FREE

The Department of Education has made a provision for every matric learner to get their matric results for FREE from their matric website link. There is no need to pay R1.50 per sms to get your results.

Matric Results FAQ

How do I get my 2022 matric results?

Enter Your Exam No on Department of Basic Education Matric Results website then your results will show for FREE. Do not do the SMS way as it will cost you money.

When will matric results start showing after midnight?

After 00:00 on the 19th January 2023, you matric results will be available. To be on the safe side, give it until 00h15 since lots of people wait for the midnight o’clock and the system might be slow.

How do I get my 2022 matric results? For FREE

Click on the Department of Education Matric results page, with your Grade 12 exam number. Then you get your grade 12 matric results at no cost.

Can I get my Grade 12 Matric results using my ID number?

No. Only your grade 12 exam number will pull out your matric results if you go to Department of Education matric results link. There is a number of fraudulent “SMS ID Number for Matric Results” that will just take your money and not give you any results. SO be carefull.

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