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In South Africa, getting a driving license all begins with attaining a Learner’s License. The K53 refers to both the Learner License (theory) test and the final practical Driving Test. In order to begin your driving lessons, you need to present your instructor with your Learner’s License, which you will attain after successfully passing the K53 Learner Test. This article takes you through what to expect from the k53 learners test questions and answers 2022 pdf process and where to find K53 Learner’s License download links in order to access K53 test questions and answers.

What to expect from the K53 Learner’s License Test.

The K53 Learner’s Test covers three main sections and usually consists of 68 multiple choicequestions. The first section is called:

  • Rules of the road” and includes 28 questions with a pass mark of 22. The second section,
  • Road signs, signals and markings” also has 28 questions, carrying a pass mark of 23.
  • The final section is called “Controls of vehicle” and has eightquestions, with a pass mark of six.

The K53 Learner’s License Test will be held at a driving license testing centre (DLTC). It is most often a test taken on a computer but some DLTCs still offer paper versions. Once you pass the test, it remains valid for 24 months, allowing you plenty of time to get on with driving lessons and passing your final test.

K53 learners test questions and answers for 2022

The K53 questions change every year, but luckily there are good learning resources that are updated annually to ensure that leaners are kept up to speed with any changes in regulations or signage. Learner’s License download material can be accessed via a number of websites, but one of the most reliable and up to date are the K53 ‘Help Guides’ via Autotrader, which are available to access for free. Their website provides comprehensive guides on the Learners Test, Driving Test and Bike License.

How do I go about studying for the K53 Learner’s License Test?

The Learner License Help Guide provides comprehensive information on everything that could be covered in the exam but be aware that there is a lot of information to cover. There is a lot of reading, so it is best to thoroughly prepare for this test and take time to read the guide and let the information sink in.

Another good tip is to ask an experienced driver to take you out on the road and walk you through the roads signs you pass, so you can see them in situ. This could also help you understand what each sign is for. Some time on the road might also help you get accustomedto a car’s layout and other motoring regulations.

There are a few websites which will run through with you sample multiple choice questions and answers (one example is here). Although these websites are a good resource for helping you understand the way the test will work, be cautious with the questions they provide, as these may not reflect the actual test, as well as having content which could potentially be out of date.


The K53 Learner’s License Test is the first step on your way to becoming a qualified driver in South Africa. The test is theory-based and multiple choice, covering a lot of questions and a wide sweep of motoring knowledge. As such, it is vital that you go into this test well-prepared. Download K53 Learner’s License Test questions and answers will certainly help, but it is vital to prepare well in advance of your test, to maximise your chances of passing. Good luck!

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