Leaked Matric exam cheating revealed

Matric Exam comes with its pressures and challenges, this time of Covid19, new wrong ways to get good marks always come in different and unexpected ways. A school expected to be in KZN managed to intercept a new and innovative cheating learner.

How does Matric exam cheating work

Behind a surgical mask, the learners write answers in the shortest fonts possible to cover most of the memorandum. The space is often smaller and they even stick small papers with even more notes behind the mask.

Leaked Matric exam cheating revealed

Invigilators have discovered trending tactics that naughty learners use to cheat on their exams. Students know that their masks should be private and it is a farfetched dream to suspect that there are exam answers written behind them.

Matric Results will be out soon so keep an eye on Student Portal.

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