Marabastad Townlands Social Housing Project | How to apply

Beneficiaries of the social housing units in the CBD would be residents of Tshwane who earned between R1 500 and R15 000 per month, said mayoral spokesperson Sipho Stuurman.

How to apply for Marabastad Townlands

Executive Mayor Randall Williams and MMC for Housing and Human Settlements Mpho Mehlape-Zimu did an oversight inspection of the construction site and announced that applications would be open to the public between September 20 and October 1.

Marabastad housing project how to apply?

The multi-million-rand social housing project consisting of 1 200 mixed units will be managed by city entity Housing Company Tshwane (HCT) and was expected to benefit Tshwane residents who do not qualify for government sponsored housing or earn enough to qualify for home loans.

Marabastad Townlands social housing project

What is a government housing subsidy?A government housing subsidy is a grant provided by the government for housing purposes like Marabastad Townlands social housing project. The government does not give cash to beneficiaries. The grant is useable for housing only.

Marabastad flats application

To apply for a housing subsidy:

  • You must be 21 years or older;
  • you must be married or single with dependants or cohabiting with a partner for a long time;
  • you must either be a South African citizen or a foreigner with a permanent residence permit;
  • you must not have received government housing assistance before; and
  • you must be a first-time home owner.
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