Matric results 2023 pass rate

View Matric results 2023 pass rate for you school or learner

The pass rate serves as a vital benchmark for educational authorities and policymakers. The Matric results 2023 pass rate this year will provide a valuable insights into the effectiveness of current teaching methods, curriculum design, and the overall health of the education system. This data becomes a foundation for continuous improvement and development in the realm of education. Before you rush, check Top achievers matric 2023.

Is there a specific day set for the Matric results 2023 to be revealed?

A higher percentage typically suggests a higher success rate for that region, indicating that a larger proportion of students in that province achieved the necessary grades for graduation. Conversely, a lower percentage may indicate a lower overall pass rate for that province. Based on the Department of Basic Education.

View Matric results 2023 pass rate for you school or learner

Ready yourselves for the long-awaited moment! The 2023 National Senior Certificate (NSC) exam results are about to be disclosed at schools on Friday, 19 January 2024, starting at 06:00. However, on the day before, Thursday, 18 January 2024, at 07:00, media houses and service providers will get a sneak peek at these results. The countdown is on for students, families, and those excited to uncover the academic achievements of the year. Stay tuned for the official release and the thrilling insights that await!
ProvinceTotal EnrolledTotal WroteTotal Achieved% AchievedRank
Eastern Cape98 41895 69777 91781.42%6
Free State35 63434 45130 67389.03%1
Gauteng132 570127 697109 03085.38%3
KwaZulu-Natal167 247157 911136 36686.36%2
Limpopo94 42493 53374 40079.54%7
Mpumalanga67 99565 53450 42976.95%8
North West42 28741 41833 80881.63%4
Northern Cape13 03212 8429 74075.84%9
Western Cape64 11262 07750 62081.54%5
National715 719691 160572 98382.90
Pass rate for Matric 2023

The national matric pass rate for 2023 has increased to 82.9%, up from 80.1% in 2022. This is the highest pass rate ever recorded in South Africa.

Free State tops the charts with a stellar 89.03% pass rate, followed by KwaZulu-Natal 86.36% and Gauteng at 85.38%. These successes deserve applause, showcasing the effectiveness of tailored educational strategies and dedicated resources. However, provinces like Eastern Cape (81.42%), Limpopo (79.54%), and Mpumalanga (76.95%) lag behind, highlighting persistent inequalities and the need for targeted interventions. Limpopo shows a big jump in comparison to previous years.

Analysing Matric results pass rate by province allows educational authorities, policymakers, and the public to understand variations in academic performance across different regions. This information is valuable for identifying areas of improvement, evaluating the effectiveness of educational policies, and tailoring interventions to address specific challenges in each province. For more Matric topics.
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