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NWU undertaking form pdf download & How to.

Congratulation to you who is looking for NWU undertaking form, this means that you have been accepted to study at NWU (North West University).

Let’s be honest, most of us struggle with sending aplications in time, and if we were all superman, then deadlines would be our kryptonite. If you are a student and applied at NWU, then you should probably know about the undertaking form that you must submit back to the university. 

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Filling out an NWU undertaking form can seem long, complicated, and intimidating, but in fact you can complete it in Two simple steps. Here’s are few tips to make the process a lot less hussle-free.

Why undertaking form?

It is a legal document that gives permission for student to be placed in one of the University’s residences as a resident student. If I/the student should require urgent medical attention during my/the student’s stay in the residence. To authorise the housemaster or his delegate to call in a practising physician or medical specialist. Should an emergency operation or other treatment be required and athings like that.

1. Download NWU undertaking form

Download undertaking form in a pdf format, print it out and fill in the details. To download the form is very easy, new students like you just have to go to the website and download it from this link.

After downloading the form, make sure you fill it in using a good and clean handwriting for the admin to read your details.

2. Submit NWU undertaking form

You can use nwu email address for undertaking form,

To upload undertaking form use the very same email above, or log in to your account and upload it to your documents section.

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