sassa payment for september 2021

sassa payment for september 2021: The main aim for SASSA is to pay the right beneficiary, at the right time and in the right place. Social development minister Lindiwe Zulu ensures that all applicants are properly registered to receive all grants applied for. Despite the high number of applications, SASSA has been able to expedite payment of verified clients, while continuing to verify the remaining applications.

SASSA Opens System to Change SRD Grant Payment Method

Applicants of the Special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD R350 Grant) can change their method of payment for their money to be paid into a bank account. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) confirms the bank account method as the most convenient and the quickest way to receive the grant, thereby avoiding queues at the post office.

When to change SRD payment method

The window to change payment method opens on 03 until 10 September 2021, while the other social grants are being paid. The post office does not pay the SRD grant during the normal social grant payments of the Old Age, Disability, and children’s grants. Those caregivers who also receive child grants and who have been approved for the R350 relief grant are paid through their SASSA payment card. These clients who have received the R350 grant in their SASSA card, are advised not to collect at the post office but to access the money at merchants or bank ATMs. These clients are reminded that they can also use the card to pay for purchases and not necessarily only to withdraw cash.

sassa payment for september 2021

Clients whose grants are approved and paid through the post office must await an SMS notification that the grant is available, to confirm where and when they can collect their SRD grant.
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