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Sutherland High School fees, forms, culture and academics

Introducing Sutherland High School.

Sutherland High School, in Eldoraigne, Centurion, has established itself as a centre of academic excellence, at the sharp end of league statistics and offering students a comprehensive learning experience, not just in subjects and curriculum learning, but also in sports and supporting activities. This article outlines the various aspects of life and learning at Sutherland High School and what students – and their parents and guardians – should expect from attending the school.

1. Fees discounts

For the 2021 academic year, Sutherland High School fees amounted to R44,030 per pupil, including an initial deposit of R4,500.00. This does not include textbook costs or other subject fees. Fees can be paid monthly but should the parent elect to pay in up front in full, then there are discounts of between 3% and 4% depending on how payment is processed.

2. Easy accessible application form.

Sutherland High School application forms are very welcoming and can be reached out to directly at the school or on-line. If you visit the school, they will provide you with an application form and guide you through what else is needed to support an enrolment.  The quickest way to contact the school is by email;  Alternatively, there is an online form available on the school’s website.

3. Friendly staff and teachers.

The school’s staff is just under hundred and led by head teacher Mr. P. Stone, with heads of year and department heads looking after area of the children’s development. Academic support programmes are extensive and inclusive.

A full list of teaching staff can be found here.

4. Facebook page.

The school’s Facebook page contains lots of useful information and is updated regularly with school news and events.

5. Website

Sutherland school has a comprehensive website which gives a deep insight into the culture at the school, placing particular emphasis on sporting, academic and leadership achievements, as well as a news section which covers most information a parent or guardian would want to find out.

6. Activities & sports

Sutherland High School offers a wide variety of sports, including athletics, chess, cricket, cross country, equestrianism, football, gold, hockey, mountain biking, netball, rugby, softball, squash, swimming, and tennis.  In addition to this, there is a rich cultural activity provision, including cheerleading, public speaking, and theatre productions. A full calendar is linked here.

Sutherland High School during Anele Mdoda visit

7. Racial mix

There is high socio-economic and cultural diversity at Sutherland High School; the school also does not have any religious affiliation.

Sutherland High School
Sutherland High School Heritage Day

8. Neighbourhood

Centurion is an upper-middle class locale with a service-driven economy and suburban feel. There is a significant aerospace industry as well. The racial makeup is 60% White, 30% Black African and 10% Other. 50% of the district speak Afrikaans as a first language, followed by 26% who speak English. The area has a very cosmopolitan feel and is encroaching onto the outskirts of Pretoria to the north, and Johannesburg to the south.  As such, the school is well-located in an area of economic growth and social diversity.

9. Academic Excellence.

Sutherland High School has an exceptional track record.  In a recent report on National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination results, the school achieved a pass rate of 99.2% in 2018 and 100% in both 2019 and 2020.  The school diligently monitors learner’s progress and has a robust performance management process, as well as driving programmes geared towards students with learning difficulties.

10. Discipline

Sutherland High School has a ‘Red Blazer’ programme which is a comprehensive and sought-after achievement at the school. The programme is aimed at instilling leadership qualities in Grade 11 students, based on exceptional academic achievement, mentoring Grade 8 pupils, behavioural qualities, and participation in activities. More details on the Red Blazer programme can be found here.

11. Uniform

Upon enrolment, the school will liaise with parents and guardians regarding the ordering of its uniform. The school has high expectations of wearing uniform, with all clothing to be worn correctly and cleaned frequently. There are both winter and summer uniforms, as well as a school tracksuit.

12. Hair policy

In general, the school’s hair policy asks that it be kept neat and well-maintained, with short, neutral styles for males.  For females, afros no longer than 5cm are permitted, with extensions also allowed for African females, if they are natural in colour and tied up, pleated, or bound neatly.  Hair coverings or wigs are allowed only for medical or religious reasons.


Sutherland High School offers a rich learning experience, justifying its reputation as one of the best schools in Gauteng. The staff are committed to provide an inclusive and high-quality learning experience and openly welcome all interest and applications.  With this in mind, parents and guardians looking to learn more about enrolling their children here should contact the school directly via its website. 

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