[UPDATE] Capitec bank woman naked at a Cape Town branch

The South African social media was shocked when seeing a naked lady breaking whatever she could get her hands on at a Cape Town Capitec branch.

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What happened at a Capitec bank branch in Cape Town?

On a video, one can see her moving from consulting desk to the other, breaking monitors, keyboards, and all sorts of “breakables”.

Capitec bank woman naked video


Some on social media confirm her name as “Aus’ Mpumi” just a few weeks after “Chris” also kicked benches as a Capitec branch.

Chis video at a Capitec bank branch:

Why was a naked woman breaking things at Capitec branch?

The banking institution is yet to release a statement surrounding the matter, however, their response on social media has been the same to all who inquire as to what happened.

What did Capitec said about the incident?

Capitece stated: “Hi there, we at Capitec are as perplexed by this matter which happened at the Strand branch, as everyone else. We are trying to get to the bottom of this. [sic]”

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