Why Master KG dropped out of Grade 12

South African well-known Master KG, real name is “Kgaogelo Moagi” a respected “Jerusalema” hitmaker is aiming to finally go back to finish his grade 12 (matric).

According to the sources, Master KG was a top student in his Grade 12 Mathematic class at Calais Secondary School-Tzaneen, resulting in his mother not being happy with his decision to drop out of matric. His decision to drop out of grade 12 became easier since his mother worked out of town, and his grandmother tried to play a motherly role in Master KG’s life.

Why Master KG dropped out of Grade 12

Master KG’s grade 12 was very promising, and he could pass with flying colours however, his hunger to pursue music started to shift his focus away from school. “So I did two months in grade 12 and just dropped out.” 

Only his late uncle and grandmother were very supportive of his new beginnings. 

His goal is to finally get his matric certificate and possibly pursue his music career to the highest level possible.

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