Accounting Grade 12 Question Papers and Memorandums 2020 (P1-P2)

Past Exam papers are very important in getting ready to ace Grade 12 Accounting with flying colours this year? Download Accounting Grade 12 Question Papers and Memorandums 2020 in a printable PDF.

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accounting grade 12 november 2019 memorandum pdf

Accounting Grade 12 Question Papers and Memorandums 2020

 Memo 1 (Afrikaans)Download
 Memo 1 (English)Download
 Paper 1 (Afrikaans)Download
 Paper 1 (English)Download
 Paper 1 Answer Book (Afrikaans)Download
 Paper 1 Answer Book (English)Download

Vorige eksamenvraestelle is baie belangrik om hierdie jaar 12 graad 12-rekeningkunde met vlieënde kleure voor te berei? Laai Rekeningkunde Graad 12 November 2019 af in ‘n drukbare PDF.

Accounting Grade 12 FAQ

How many mark does Accounting Grade 12 Exam paper has?

MARKS: 300

How long is Accounting Grade 12 Exam paper?

3 hours

How many pages does Accounting Grade 12 Exam paper has?

This question paper consists of 18 pages and a 15-page answer book.

For Exam Time Table From Department of Education, Click Here

How to pass Accounting Grade 12 Exam?

3 Minutes 3 minutes

Answer ALL the questions.

To get the best marks for Grate 12 Accounting Exam, no question should be left unanswered.

Write neatly and legibly.

The best handwriting will take you places.

A special ANSWER BOOK is provided in which to answer ALL the questions.

Do not use any unauthorised paper, all answer sheets will be provided to you.

Show ALL workings to achieve part-marks.

The moderator will love to see how you arrived to the answer, and should you sometime get the answer wrong, you might get an “following step” mark.

You may use a non-programmable calculator.

It is not compulsory to use accounting calculator, at matric, there are functions that you are not yet aware of until you get to tertiary.

You may use a dark pencil or blue/black ink to answer the questions.

Avoid red pen since it is reserved for the marking.

Where applicable, show ALL calculations to ONE decimal point.

You must arrive to the single answers on your workings.

Write neatly and legibly.

A good handwriting will take you places.

Skryf netjies en leesbaar.

Vir die moderator

Toon ALLE berekeninge om deelpunte te behaal.

Die moderator sal baie graag wil sien hoe u by die antwoord uitkom, en as u die antwoord op een of ander manier verkeerd het, kan u ‘n ‘volgende stap’-punt kry.

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