Department of Basic Education make changes to Matric Exams for 2021

Matric Exams for 2021

The National Senior Certificate Exams (matric exams), have officially been moved to November 1 through December 7.

The reasoning behind moving the dates for the exam according to Rufus Poliah is “to allow for maximum teaching and learning time” to prepare for these exams. Rufus Poliah is the acting deputy director-general for curriculum policy, support and monitoring in the department of basic education. The Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, also commented saying, “we want to make up for lost time and for them to cover the curriculum.” Students in South Africa lost time in classes during school closings due to the COVID pandemic.

A circular outlining details for the matric exams was signed and published on June 22.

Specifics about the Exam

The matric exams cover several parts that will be assessed over a six week period. That parts and written dates include:

  • Life Orientation Common Assessment

This assessment will be written on September 6 and the rewrite will be scheduled for October 13.

  • Computer Applications Technology and the Information Technology Assessment

The paper 1 practical will be written on October 19 and 20.

  • Geography Papers

The geography 1 and 2 papers will be written on separate days each being allotted three hours of writing time.

  • Language Paper

The home language paper 3 time has changed and will now be giving three hours to write. For the second additional language papers, which they have added a third paper to, will have a duration of two and a half hours.

  • Marine Science

The marine science paper 1 and 2 will be given for the first time.

According to Poliah, schools will close for students on December 10 and will close for teachers and staff on December 15.

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