Explaining Child Birth to a 6 year old

Parents' Guide to Explaining the Reproductive System and Sex in an Age-Appropriate Way

Explaining Child Birth to a 6 year old: Parents’ Guide to Explaining the Reproductive System and Sex in an Age-Appropriate Way

How do you explain the science of sex and birth to young kids? (Explaining Child Birth)

Sometimes this information may be hard to process or be too mature for kids within a certain age range. But at the same time, telling your kids babies come from storks or they were bought from the shop isn’t the best cover anymore. It’s important kids are informed but also that this is done in a way that’s appropriate for their age. Explaining Child Birth.

Introducing the human reproduction system

You can start by explaining the reproduction system to your kids, as a foundation. Here’s a quick rundown. The human body is an amazing system. It’s the system that helps maintain the human population by providing new babies that grow up to become adults.

The human reproduction system is made up of two main components: a male and a female reproductive system. These two systems are designed to work together to create offspring for the parents. It all starts with sex cells, or gametes, created in each reproductive system. When these gametes meet, they fertilize one another and eventually form an embryo which will grow into a new person when it leaves the womb.

How to explain where babies come from to kids

If the reproduction system is too complicated for your children, however, a simpler and to-the-point approach may be necessary. Tell them that babies come from both mommy and daddy, but they are not the same. Mommy has an egg that lives inside her tummy and daddy produces sperm. Together they make the beginnings of a baby and we call it an embryo.

The embryo grows into a full baby in the womb of momma’s tummy all wrapped up in a cozy little sac called the amniotic sac. The baby gets everything it needs to grow big and strong while inside the tummy until it is ready to be born.

How long does it take to have a Baby?

You can then follow up with the process of birth by explaining that It takes around nine months to have a baby. Most of these nine months are spent in pregnancy. Pregnancy is the period where the baby grows and develops in a mommy’s tummy. Pregnancy ends when the woman has her baby through vaginal birth or cesarean section (C-section).


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to explaining human reproduction to a 6-year-old. You’ll need to customize your explanation based on the individual’s background, age, and experience with the subject. The explanations above are great for easing your kid from the beginning to end of how babies are made.

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