PhalaPhala Farm Gate Report Explained, Download PDF

The moment South Africa has been waiting for has come. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s farm, Phalaphala game farm, was robbed millions of foreign currencies hidden under a mattress. This matter has been dragging for sometime now but finally, the report has been handed over to the president.

The findings

South African Constitution requires a president to adhere to all set boundaries and conduct, and this report supposed to find if money found on the president’s farm was un/declare, however the commission has no power to determine if the president is wrong or right. The commission can only verify if indeed there was a misconduct, and if so, there must be a seating by the parliament committee to determine if the president is fit for the job-then the elected political parties must table a motion of confidence.

The Opposition parties

Opposition parties are very sure that the president is wrong on this phalaphala farm matter because he (the president) is not supposed to run other/undeclared income streams. If the commission finds that the money found was not declared, the parliament will determine the president’s fitness to hold the office or the hoax steps in.


President Cyril Ramaphosa already declared Phalaphala game farm as one of his long existing businesses, and when Arthur Fraser (Former State Security Agency (SSA) boss) broke the news to the public domain, Ramaphosa had already declared his game farm to the parliament.

But, If the money found was not declared and had not been reported to SARS, it nullifies the declaration since it cannot be linked to a valid bank account, registered business and a declared business under the president’s name.

Explanation of the report

It is only the parliament that has power to remove the president via the vote of confidence.

“While Fraser has not disclosed the source of his information, given the seriousness of the allegations he is making and the potential harm they can cause if untrue, we assume that at an appropriate forum and when the need arises, he will..disclose the source.. of his information” @karynmaughan

President’s info on “storage of the money is vague and leaves unsettling gaps..It is not clear whether the money was stored below the cushions or inside the sofa. If a sum of US$ 580k in cash money was “stored below the cushions” it would have been visible to anyone passing by”. @karynmaughan

“…we find, as a matter of probability, that the money was..concealed inside a leather sofa, as the suspect who was interviewed stated in the audio clip provided to us..In all probability, the money was stored in the sofa with the full knowledge and approval of the President.” @karynmaughan

“We are left with the impression that Mr. Hazim decided to come to the farm on Christmas day in 2019 to view buffaloes carrying more than half a mill US$ in cash. After paying $580k for the buffaloes, Mr. Hazim left with no indication when he would return to collect his buffaloes” @karynmaughan

Who is Mr. Hazim?

Hazim Mustafa, a football club owner and businessman from Sudan, now living in Dubai, has been identified as the mystery man who paid $580 000 in cash to a PhalaPhala lodge manager – for buffalo he never got.

Sudanese businessman Hazim Mustafa is married to a South African-born wife, Bianca O’Donoghue.

What was Mr. Hazim buying?

According to reliable sources, Mr. Hazim’s $580 000 (R9,832,097) to Phalaphala game farm was for 20 buffalos. It is not yet known if the amount includes transport, and it is not known if the destination would be Dubai or Sudan where Hazim comes from.

President Ramaphosa is known amongst Buffalo breeders as one with the best breeds with clean and strong DNAs animals. With all said and done, Mr. Hazim never collected his purchase nor made transport arrangements since 25 December 2019.


“The leaving of animals on the farm for over 2 yrs after paying more than half a mill US$ for them, the absence of particulars of Hazim in acknowledgement of receipt, the lack of explanation as what was to become of these animals, raise substantial doubt about the sale transaction” @karynmaughan

Ramaphosa found guilty on all 5 counts. The Phala Phala panel finds that Ramaphosa has a case to answer on #PhalaPhalaFarmGate.

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  1. It took the Independent panel 31 working days (19 Oct – 30 Nov 2022) to produce the report at a cost of R170 967.74 per day to the taxpayer (total budget R5.3m), just to formalise information that was already available in the public domian. How in the world can this fruitess expenditure be justified as we all know that nothing will come of it, given the track record of the corrupt ANC government.

  2. Dear Jane, why use a photo that is not relevent to Phala Phala??? There are plethora of photos that depicts Phala Phala Farmgate.

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